New Postage Prices

In order to create a more seamless and stream-lined delivery and customer service, we are making changes to our delivery services. These won’t come into effect until 10/02/20 to give you time to make any necessary adjustments on your channels.

What will change?

We are removing all UK untracked services from out range (i.e standard Royal Mail) in order to reduce fraud and help you provide a better customer service to your customers by providing tracking numbers and seeing when items have been delivered.

In order to make working out postage costs easier, each product will have a postage code assigned to it so you can see easily at a glance, what the delivery cost of that item will be. Postage prices are now split into large letter and small parcel prices (already worked into each postage code).

We will now offer two services:

One fully tracked service that provides updates by SMS/Email and full delivery confirmation.

One standard service that provides tracking on delivery only and online delivery confirmation.

Does that mean postage prices will increase?

Only for some services, our new stream-lined postage rates mean that some are cheaper than before.

What if I place an order for more than item with different postage codes?

They will be combined by weight to give you the cheapest postage code for that order.

Will postage prices change again?

We have negotiated the best prices possible with our delivery provider and these rates will only change as they increase them annually in line with inflation. (Next annual increase due in September)

What if I send outside the UK?

These prices and services will stay the same for the time-being but we hope to offer cheaper and fully tracked services outside the UK shortly.

The new prices can be found below. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Tracked on Delivery and Online Delivery Confirmation